About Us

World Opal is a private limited company licensed in Ethiopia to process and export Opal, Emerald, Sapphire and other gemstone products from Ethiopia.

Services provided by World Opal includes Opal mining, wholesaling, retailing and exporting rough and polished opals, Emerald and Sapphire and other gemstone products. We also provide training and consulting on gemstone mining and processing.

Our Opal mining is located in Wollo region of Ethiopia near Wegel Tena. We provide wholesaling and retailing on our outlet at the center of the city in Addis Ababa at Bole Mafi Mall and on trade shows across the world.

We specialize in Opal from Wollo area in Ethiopia. We have very large stock of Wollo opal for export in rough and polished form in different size and type from crystal opals to black opals.

Emerald and Sapphire are also our largest stocks. 

Our price is very competitive as we directly mine and work with miners and process the opals at our facility for polishing and faceting.

Our goal is to provide the best quality gemstone from Ethiopia with consistency to our customers.

We deal with the Ethiopian products only and we guarantee the quality of all our products and aim to maintain the highest standard of quality, integrity and service.



AOS  - American Opal Society